Empower the Supply Chain
of Education

one0x is a global standard for building dynamic reputation and performance trails for every learner as he moves between various learning avenues

Empower your people with one knowledge account for their entire learning journey


For Learners

Own your dynamic learning profile across multiple platforms.

Convenient sharing and verification of knowledge data.
Higher employability with global reputation.

  1. Create your knowledge ID on theblockchainu.com
  2. Participate in online classes or in-person experiences
  3. Automatically share your progress with multiple platforms.

For Educators

Build better learning outcomes.

Secure your brand with tamper proof certs.
Earn money from every verification request.
Track the impact of every certificate issued.

  • Contact us to add one0x compliance to your platform.
  • Import student data using their knowledge ID on sign-up.
  • Build better learning recommendations.

For Employers

Verify Anyone’s Achievements

Use the one0x Universal Verifier to independently verify certificates. This service can also be built into existing software systems for greater convenience.

  • Match with students matching your requirements.
  • Get instant verification of candidate data.
  • Make better hiring decisions.


Our vision is that educational platforms, every impactful learning institute that provides knowledge, and employers looking to hire talent can access trustworthy information about everyone’s learning and employment records.

Design for your use case

The layout designer is highly configurable and supports a variety of institutional use cases. Images, colors, text, variables, metadata, dates, numbers, and additional elements can be deployed to match your unique digital records.

Look beyond the resume

Current indicators such as college degrees, attendance at Ivy league schools or other proxies for assessing knowledge are being replaced by reputation and performance scores.
Its time to augment our resumes with independently verifiable information from both formal and informal learning settings - and its informal feedback.

Gyan - The Knowledge Score

All knowledge is reflected on your profile as Gyan

  • universal-icon UNIVERSAL
  • trusted-icon Trusted
  • traceable-icon Traceable

the new standard unit of knowledge that equals about an hour of learning and sums your knowledge score on any topic.

Gyan’s mission is to empower every student, learner, institution and employer with a trusted, traceable and easily shareable knowledge score.


The Knowledge

Your entire education journey comes together on your knowledge story. You could be a professional coder and a hobbyist musician, your blockchain certificates or each of these topics can be easily shared anywhere with complete privacy and control.

No more running to college registrars or emailing companies to give your transcripts. Your knowledge story is dynamic, independently verifiable and owned by you.

Karma - The Knowledge Reward

  • secure-icon Secure
  • transferable-icon Transferable
  • valuable-icon Valuable

Karma, a new digital currency, enables every one0x certificate issuer and recipient to get instant value for their learning and teaching.

With Karma you can get paid for your teaching, pay it forward for further education, hire employees or even convert it to US dollars.


See it in Action

theblockchainu.com is the first platform we built from the ground up to integrate one0x protocol. Visit the platform to learn how you can start building your knowledge story right away!


Benefits of Blockchain
in education

Blockchain technology allows for a total disintermediation and disaggregation of education.

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Permanent Education Records


Even if the institutions that issued the certificates were to close down, or if the entire system of education collapses (as, for instance, happened in Syria), those certificates are still verifiable against the records stored in a blockchain.

Gain ownership and control of your learning data

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Analyse your learning and impact

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Payment and funding

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What certificates
can be issued?

  • Online classes
  • In-person experiences
  • Job positions
  • Conferences or events

How to

Sign-up as a one0x partner platform to receive your API access token
Use the access token to hit signup API when users join your platform.
Use other RESTful APIs to create, join and assess your courses.

Global Scholarship Fund

As part of bootstrapping the community and incentivise early adopters of the protocol, one0x has contributed a total of 100 Million Karma tokens to the Global Scholarship.

Every user from any one0x compliant platform is automatically enrolled into this scholarship program on initial registration. This effectively makes learning FREE for all students while they continue to be eligible for Karma rewards.
Know more about Scholarships on one0x here.

Alpha Incentive Program

Become an early partner for one0x compliant certificates and get rewarded for all the blockchain certificates your users issue till the day we go live on main network.
1Q 2019, when we go live on Ethereum main net, Gyan score of all users will be migrated to new contracts and they will receive their first Karma rewards. Upto 10% of the rewards earned by your students will be added to your wallet from community incentivisation fund.
Know more and apply to be an early partner

It's time for educators to get on the same page